What is Hot Yoga?

With regular practice hot yoga in-particular will reshape the body – tone, lengthen and strengthen muscles while slimming the waistline. Don’t let the word “hot” scare you. The rooms are heated intentionally in order to induce a variety of benefits; some mental, some physical. Physically, the heat warms the muscles and allows yoga to be practiced more deeply and even more safely by helping to prevent injuries common to working with cold muscles. The heat also promotes sweating, which flushes toxins from the body.

Mentally, the heated room commands a great deal of focus, forcing concentration on breathing and balance. Over time, yogis move through a transformation where they discover mental clarity and a deeper sense of calm. This psychologic change will begin to move from your practice mat into your everyday life. You will not only see the physical change, you will also feel it.

Who should do hot yoga?

Everyone! Whether looking to lose weight, feel better, sleep better, look healthier, or find a sense of calmness, hot yoga is an amazing option. Whether it is by coming a couple times a week or making it a part of a daily routine, there is always a place for hot yoga.

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